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CUIS/SBS Business Continuity Plan

Credit Union Investment Services (CUIS) and SECU Brokerage Services (SBS) have provisions in place to continue to operate and provide services to our customers in the event of a significant disruption, whether on a Firm-only basis or city/regional basis. In the event of a disruption at the Firm’s office location, arrangements have been made to conduct services at an alternate location unaffected by the disruption and/or direct from the personal residences of our staff. Recovery time in the event of a disruption is anticipated to be minimal, although certain records may have to be retrieved from an off-site storage location or re-produced in order to continue services. If a disruption occurs or if our services to you might be affected, we will post information on our website ( and contact media outlets to inform you about how services may be completed. You may obtain an updated Business Continuity Plan Disclosure by requesting a written copy by mail.

If you wish to receive a copy of the CUIS/SBS Business Continuity plan or file a complaint, please contact us:

By Mail: By Phone:
Credit Union Investment Services (800) 451-5467
Compliance Department
PO Box 26807
Raleigh, NC 27611