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CashPoints® Global

CashPoints Global (CPG) is a non-dividend bearing demand deposit account with electronic only access through your CPG card. There are no checks and since all transactions are limited to the available funds in the account, no overdraft or NSF fees are incurred. Since the account and card work together, funds can be added to the account at any time for many different purposes.

Whether you like to travel, prefer to shop online, have a student who needs an account that is easy to manage, or would like an alternative to a traditional checking account, CashPoints Global is a great choice. It can be used anywhere you see the Visa® logo!

  • Each owner of a CPG account can be issued a CPG card1
  • Unlimited number of authorized users
  • Monthly statement can be paper or e-statement
  • $4,000 daily purchase limit2
  • $500 maximum daily cash withdrawal limit
  • Accessible via ATM, Press for Info, Press Pass, all SECU branches and our 24/7 Member Services
  • Accessible online through your CPG card or other traditional debit/access cards owned by the same member
  • CPG can be used for wire transfers, a funding account for loan advances, a deposit account for tax refunds, a distribution account for Share Term Certificates or as a Holiday Cash Account
  • $1 monthly maintenance fee
You may apply for a CPG account/card online via Press Pass.

1Replacement card fee for a lost or stolen card is $8.00.
2The daily purchase limit is $4,000, including a maximum cash withdrawal limit of $500 per day. However, if $500 cash is withdrawn, only $3,500 is available for purchases that day.