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Looking for a great gift idea? SECU Visa Gift Card - the perfect gift for anyone on your list no matter what the occasion - birthday, wedding, anniversary, holiday or graduation! The versatility of the SECU Visa Gift Card allows your loved ones to make purchases nearly anywhere Visa cards are accepted. So why waste time trying to figure out their favorite restaurant or store? With an SECU Visa Gift Card, the possibilities are endless!

The Gift Cards are available in all SECU branches. Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $20 to $500 at a cost of just $2 per card! You can also order your Gift Cards online through Press Pass. Simply sign in, select the Services tab, click on the VISA Gift Card link and follow the easy instructions. The fee for issuance and handling of each card purchased online is $3.50.

So how do these cards work? First, activate your card and obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) online. The Activate Card option can be found in the Account Activities Menu under My Account. Your PIN will be displayed after activation. You may also call the toll free number listed on the back of the card to activate and obtain a PIN.

You can use your SECU Visa Gift Card at most merchants where Visa Debit and Maestro PIN transactions are accepted. You have the option to press the "credit" or "debit" button. The credit transaction will require you to sign a sales receipt to authorize the purchase and the debit transaction will require you to enter your PIN to authorize the purchase. No ATM withdrawals, cash advances or cash back are permitted.

It is important to register your Gift Card in case it is lost, stolen or if you have unauthorized transactions. Visit My Account to register your Gift Card, check your Card balance and view your transaction history. You may also check the balance and recent transactions by calling the number on the back of the card.

Please refer to the Visa Gift Card Terms and Conditions for more information.