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How NCPAFCU Protects You

Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check)
The Credit Union provides the Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check) security feature to our members for added online protection. ID Check verifies user identity upon sign on to protect personal and account information. Every measure is taken with this process to ensure privacy and security to our members when accessing their accounts via the internet.

Account Access & Information
Personal and account information is kept secure through a variety of controls:
  • User identity verified by ID Check during Press Pass sign on
  • Unique, alphanumeric User ID and Password
  • Information submitted from the sign on field encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Automated Press Pass session time-out feature
  • 128-bit encrypted required
  • Visible indicators of page security including an "https:" URL and browser-based security symbol
  • "Remember Me" option reduces the chance that a keylogger will capture your User ID credentials and reduce the chance of fraud on your account

Debit Card Fraud Monitoring
The credit union utilizes a process developed by one of the leaders in real-time card fraud detection to monitor card usage for uncharacteristic spending. It is imperative for members to inform the credit union of upcoming international travel or out of the ordinary expenditures.