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Branch Services

Members of North Carolina Press Association Federal Credit Union (NCPAFCU) are provided services through State Employees´ Credit Union (SECU) branch offices.

Coin Sorters
Fat Cat Coin Sorters are available for members at all SECU branches. Sorter use is free of charge.

A local SECU branch can convert US dollars to foreign currency, and vice versa. Foreign currency purchases should be initiated 2 - 3 weeks prior to departure. More favorable conversion rates may be possible via ATMs at foreign airports.

Notary & Signature Guarantees
Notary and Signature Guarantee services are available for members, free of charge, at all branch locations.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe deposit boxes are available, at varying sizes and costs, to provide extra security for members´ important items, documents and files. Box contents are not insured. For further information regarding Safe Deposit Boxes, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Tax Preparation
NCPAFCU offers personal one-on-one tax preparation by our trained employees. We can assist you with preparing and electronically filing simple federal and North Carolina returns through our Low-Cost Tax Preparation service.

If you are interested in free tax preparation services, visit our IRS Free Tax Return Preparation page to see if there are available options in your community or through self-preparation.

US Savings Bonds
United States Savings Bonds may be redeemed at any of our branch locations and/or may be purchased directly from the US Treasury at Treasury Direct. If you are ready to buy savings bonds, you can follow this guided tour for assistance.

Below are two savings bond tools offered by Treasury Direct that you may find helpful: