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Preparing Your Own Taxes

For members who prefer to complete their own taxes, there are a variety of planning and filing resources to guide you through each step of tax return preparation.

  • TurboTax®: SECU has again partnered with Intuit® to offer TurboTax® at a discount of up to $20 to our members, depending on which product is selected, when you start by using this link to TurboTax. With TurboTax, it's easy to do your own taxes and save. TurboTax coaches you every step of the way to the biggest refund you deserve, searching over 350 deductions and credits as you go.
  • IRS e-File: Electronically file your taxes using one of the IRS’s recommended services
  • IRS Free File: Free tax filing services, compliments of the IRS
  • Free Income Tax Assistance: Free tax assistance for qualified individuals
  • Miltax: A Department of Defense Program that generally offers free return preparation and e-filing software for all military members, with no income limit